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Surveying Services

The purpose of a boundary survey is to re-establish and mark the boundaries of an existing parcel of land. Survey Monuments are typically set at the corners of the Parcel and a plat of the survey is prepared and filed with the County Surveyor's Office.

This survey is typically performed prior to construction along or in close proximity to property lines.

The purpose of a topographic survey, also referred to as a design or architectural survey, is to locate existing on-surface features and contours within a parcel of land. A map is prepared typically showing the contours and features relative to property lines.

The map is typically used by Architects, Geologists, Civil Engineers, and other professionals for design purposes.

The purpose of a lot line adjustment (LLA) is to reconfigure the boundaries of four or fewer parcels. A LLA is typically prepared to eliminate encroachments.

The purpose of a subdivision map is to divide an existing parcel of land into multiple parcels or lots. A condominium subdivision allows the land owner to create 2 or more condominium units within their parcel via a subsequent condominium plan.

The purpose of an ALTA-NSPS Land Title Survey is to establish the boundary of a property, to show any encumbrances and/or encroachments affecting the property, and to show access, if any, to a public road, per standards adopted by the Amercian Land Title Association (ALTA) & the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). The ALTA & NSPS also outline optional items which can be included as a part of the survey and are typically requested by the lender or insurer who require the survey.

The purpose of a condominium plan is to identify the boundaries of the condominium units, exclusive-use common areas, and common areas of a condominium project.

The purpose of a legal description is to identify the boundaries of a portion of land. Legal descriptions are typically prepared for proposed easements, but they are also prepared for other purposes, such as for proposed lot line adjustments or for certificates of compliance.

Slope Band
Analysis Map

The purpose of a slope band analysis map is to calculate the maximum allowable floor area of a site according to the severity of the on-site slope and the property zoning.



Neil C. Hansen, PLS

  • Licensed as a professional land surveyor in CA (LS 9027)

  • Over 15 years of experience in land surveying

  • Member of National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS)

  • Member of California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA)

  • Member of the CLSA Professional Development Program 

  • Instructor for the CLSA LS Examination Preparatory Seminar Series since 2014

  • Majority of experience in boundary surveying, topographic surveying, and legal description preparation


Land Surveying & Mapping Services Provided




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